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Here you will find the latest about the new slot games from different gaming providers and also the latest about the newest casino games. New games are always something that is appreciated. Especially if the means that the casino will offer you lots of lovely free spins and great bonuses associated with the launch of the new casino game.

Today there are 1000s of slot machines and casino games. Some have been on the market since the first online casino started and some of them came last week. It can be huge difference between slot machines and also a big difference between all the offers you will get from casinos. That is why we are here for you. We make sure to review the slot machine before it has been placed on the market and get you the absolute best deals for you so you get the chance to maximize your chances to win and get free money!

When we review new slot machines or casino games we choose games from major game developers. Sometimes we make reviews from smaller game suppliers. If you find any slot machine or casino game that you think seems to be interesting but not feel completely ready to try yet then you just write to us so we will test it before you have to risk your own money. That’s seems like a fair deal does it?